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... Four years ago I began spotting ten days before my period. ... (2 replies)
... I started spotting again lightly, about every 2 to 2. ... (3 replies)
... ABC...sounds like you have nothing to worry about. They already know what's causing your spotting and it's so common to have. ... (3 replies)

... Iam 59.Had spotting on&off since,last Dec. Had,D&C and scope,last yr.No cancer.He,did say,come back;If I spotted.Well;this yr. Iam spotting.Every 4 days. I,got Ultra sound done again& they saw fibriods. SO,NOW He's not worried about spotting. But;like you,Iam scared. Keep me informed. Take care (3 replies)
... even 7 weeks apart. The lat couple yrs the most irregular. I've had spotting between, I think that's hennim ovulating. Also the last yr or so I tend to spot alittle a few days before I start. ... (1 replies)
... Last year the cyst measured 2.3 cm and my lining was down to a respectable 2 something, so no worries. I was having a little spotting and white mucous, but my gyn suggested it was just vaginal atrophy. ... (4 replies)
... Hey I have the same spotting symptoms and searching online like crazy for info I found spotting can be caused by thyroid issues. ... (2 replies)
... Hi sunny - I'm glad everything went well. Actually I was worried about the same thing when I had my first biopsy - would they miss cancer. But when it came back that I had hyperplasia (thickening of the uterine wall) the doctor decided to do a D & C (since I refused a hysterectomy). Some doctor assume that once you are past childbearing you would almost welcome a... (21 replies)
... I have had lower back pain, cramps like my period is about to begin and spotting for 4 months, but my period is still coming. In December it was late, then Jan. and Feb. right on schedule.This month it was 12 days late. ... (21 replies)
... Hi, I am 61 yrs. old and have had a prolapsed uterus for two yrs. now. I had to put off getting anything done with it because of serious back problems that turned into four huge surgeries(saggital imbalance) I was bent over at a 45 degree angle for two yrs. anyway, all this time my uterus kept getting worse and now I am in recovery from my fourth back surgery and I noticed... (4 replies)
... ;)Thanks for writiing.Just;had pap today.,asked Again about spotting,your right nothing to worry about.Vaginal apathy and fibroids cause this. Still,still another Ultra sound,in 6 months. Take care:angel: (3 replies)
... Unfortunately for me, there was no spotting or discharge. When I went to the gyne oncologist, he could not do a biopsy of the uterus. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I have just been dx with uterine cancer, well, doctor is still deciding, anyway it is metastatic adenocarcinoma, and it is in the womb, but whether cervix or womb that final call will be made this week. Having said that, I have been doing a lot of reading up on uterine cancer, because every doc asked, did I have any kind of bleeding, or spotting, or discharge? So,... (4 replies)
... Totally sounds like menopause....sounds like your periods are ending. I had the brown stuff at the ends of my periods. I won't know when I go thru menopause (47) because I had a procedure called NOVASURE for heavy periods....they froze my uterus lining 6 years ago and I haven't had a period since. But, I am not a NURSE or DR...BUT...if this discharge is the only symptom you... (3 replies)
... Can anyone tell me if this is a warning sign of uterine cancer? I am 52 and have intemittant short periods of mild cramping and a dark brown "snotty" discharge that is only really noticeable when I wipe. It's never a bright red color, only dark and sometimes even flesh colored. I had a full fledged period in December, but haven't had any other period for about 3 years, jus... (3 replies)
... and NO spotting this month! ... (21 replies)
... Hi Sunny - glad to hear everything is okay - although that still doesn't answer your question about the pain and the spotting. Hopefully the "pill" will work. If not I would definitely call the doctor back. You can also ask for copies of the ultrasound and biopsy reports. I always get copies of mine so I can read them and what I don't understand I look up. Overgrowth... (21 replies)
... Well I am taking it that everything is ok. I called this morning and the nurse said someone would call back, no one did. Soo I called back again and she said she thought it looked ok, but it was on the Dr's desk for him to call, he never did. I am guessing she would not of said it looked okay if it didn't and he would have called if something were wrong . So now I just have... (21 replies)
... I will know on Thursday about the results. The bleeding is a little lighter today (light spotting) and no, I am not suppose to start the pill until my period. I am thinking maybe because I was so busy yesterday. Don't know if that would matter or not. I will probably call on Tuesday if its still happening. Thanks for your replies! (21 replies)
... Now I have been bleeding again since this morning. I am also very crampy. Not due for my period yet, or that odd spotting I get until next week. ... (21 replies)

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