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... First of all I might tell you to find the best dr. you can. I didn't realize that my dr. ... (55 replies)
... disc. This woman could barely walk without pain. My daughter is going through the same thing right now and she is very young. Only her back is bad at the top of her back where they can't operate without the possibilty of paralysis. She has a young son and doesn't want to risk it right now. Anyway,..... ... (16 replies)
... I'm truly sorry to hear about your Mom. My Mom "had" Stage 3C Grade 3 uterine cancer. Her's traveled into some of her lymph nodes, that's why she was staged at 3C. Her last chemotherapy was June 5th. They have declared her in remission at this time. ... (5 replies)

... I did develop lympodema from the radiation killing off 2 of the lymph nodes in my abdomen, but since I started taking the essiac it is not as bad as it was. ... (16 replies)
... I hope this helps you out. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 3C which has progressed to what the drs. say the lungs. I had radiation for 38 treatments. ... (5 replies)
... I hope everything turned out okay for you after your sonogram. I know that uterine cancer is very scarey, I have gone through i since last August and have posted my reactions on here. Mine was family oriented I believe. ... (4 replies)
... I agree about this board being such a good source of information and support. I'm trying to tell a friend of a friend to come here because she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, too, and is having a really hard time with the radiation. ... (55 replies)
... ure and that you werent taken seriously at first. I will tell you a story... something not intended to get you down, only to help. My grandmother, at age 59, had uterine cancer and they did a hysterectomy and after that everything was clear, but the dr demanded her to have radiation just as a precautionary measure. ... (55 replies)
... My sister had cervical cancer when she was in her 20's and they gave her a complete hysterctomy and she is still alive 35 years later. They did no radiation or chemo on her at all. ... (9 replies)
... Hi! I'll try to help you if I can. Mine was found when I was having alot of pain in my lower right pelvic area while trying to walk. It got to the point where I went to my doc and requested laproscopy, and he ordered ultrasound. ... (7 replies)
... Are any of you doing Essiac Tea? ... (55 replies)
... Thank you for you support. I was never told of the harmful side effects of the radation. Nothing but you have to have that or you have to have chemo or both. I was so down from the diagnosis that I just couldn't think. ... (55 replies)
... I bled before menopause a kind of dark blood, after menopause I had rust colored staining off and on. Dr. told me not to worry about it for years. So during those years I didn't. ... (55 replies)
... Oh....I am so sorry to hear of your ordeal. Women frequently have been operated on by regular Gyn's that found out afterwards they had cancer. ... (55 replies)
... Diane, I am so glad you will get yourself taken care of. I feel a lot of people here in the U.S. can't afford to get taken care of so they do nothing. ... (55 replies)
... back to the original cancer, I know they did the surgery and took it out, but who knows when it went into the two lymph nodes and they didn't even know I had any cancer and left them in. Everyday I worry about every pain I have. I am better today, I need to keep myself centered, I have an 11 yr. ... (55 replies)
... Thank you for posting to my message. You are right women should consult a specialist if they have any suspicions of cancer. ... (55 replies)
... C and just scrape everything out of the uterus and send it in for biopsy. I haven't heard back on those results yet. ... (55 replies)
... it never ends with the testing. Now you have to go through the worries of a mammogram. ... (55 replies)
... ith Mr. Kennedy so ill with it there would be some quick movement on it. I was surprised to find out that there are a couple people in govt. that have some form of cancer. Why not forget about the money they make and cure everyone and invent a new disease. Preferably one that doesn't hurt lol. I don't care if the govt. ... (55 replies)

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