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... the hysterectomy up for a month later, he only does 2 hysterectomys a week. WHy oh why didn't I go somewhere else. I trusted him. So from may till august the cancer continued to grow. Finally surgery day came and he did the surgery. He comes into my room afterward and tells me everything was clean and no cancer. ... (55 replies)
... o come back in and he would take another look. He decided that I should have a endometial biopsy which came back okay. I was told by another dr. years ago that cancer can be anywhere and if you don't find it in one spot it could be somewhere else. I was worried because the bleeding still continued. I went back to the dr. ... (55 replies)
... but they didn't think I needed it for the first day and now we just got a doctor bill for that hospital visit. You just feel like you have been punched in the stomach everyday. After it is over and your dignity is gone from having to lay on the table while men look at your girly stuff. ... (55 replies)

... Nope, never ate meat. I always was told by my dr. that I would never have to worry about getting cancer or high cholestorol and I ended up with both. I agree with you, the drs. say it is stress and our lifestyles, but I believe it is in the food and in the air. ... (55 replies)
... New England and she said that adhesions don't have any blood flow in them, she is more worried about the lymph nodes he didn't take out. I am having pain in my stomach now, don't know if it has anything to do with the cancer. Tomorow I go t my gp for refills on my normal medicine. I will ask him some questions. ... (55 replies)
... was cancer lurking around. ... (55 replies)
... e insurance company refused me a pet scan that is all I got. We pay a fortune in insurance and then they let you hang out to dry. I am planning on going to the cancer treatment centers of america if the results are bad. ... (55 replies)
... I'm so sorry about the stomach pains. I wonder what that is all about. Did the doctor have any answers for you on that? ... (55 replies)
... Merry Christmas, Santee --- How was your Christmas with your family? I do think that women who raise their children at home should get a salary -- and not from the husband. Mothers do a service to this nation raising their children to be good citizens, assets to the future of our country. Of course, there is so much to fix with this, healthcare, etc. A $6,000 deductible... (55 replies)
... You all know that he diagnosed me after the surgery as being cancer free, but the next day came in and told me there was cancer. I fell apart. My worst fear in life is cancer. The word alone is scary enough. ... (16 replies)
... My sister had cervical cancer when she was in her 20's and they gave her a complete hysterctomy and she is still alive 35 years later. They did no radiation or chemo on her at all. ... (9 replies)

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