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dear doobeedoobee....
i understand your point about allowing children to go through normal childhood diseases .... well, i guess i understand it to some extent. however, i do not agree with you.
i never got the chickenpox as a child and was fianlly immunized when i was about 13. my mother never contracted the disease either and was imminuzed in her late thirties.
i can't understand why you would want to subject your child to a painful, annoying, and highly contagiosu disease when it is easily and safely preventable with a vaccine. the technology is safe and there are practically no side effects. why not use it? there is absolutely no increased benefit to contracting the actual disease and building a "natural" immunity.
i would have all my kids vaccinated as part of their routine immunization.
although chicken pox is a "normal" childhood disease, it can pose a problem later in life. those who have had the disease my develop shingles as an adult. so why take the risk when you don't have to?

maglib, i'd say go ahead and get your child vacciated. no harm can come of it.

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