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Flu shot for baby??
Oct 10, 2002
My lil boy is 7 months old & so far has had his 3 month & 6 month far no reactions at all..are there any other different vaccines expected later that is different that i need to be worried about?
Also doctor wants us to give him a flu shot..they said there giving them to babies 6 months & older..but Im worried about a flu shot this early..he said they just now started recommended this..anyone hear of this or have any infor if this could be a really bad thing?
I wouldn't do it. Flu shots are from last years virus so they are usually not effective. The flu shot also has thirmerosal (mercury) in it. It's a new thing to be giving a baby the flu shot and there has not been enough studies on the effects it has on a baby. The pharmacutical companies keep madating more and more shots for babies just for profit and it's making me sick! Most of these shots have mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and even antifreeze. My son was totally normal untill his second birthday....he received a dpt, mmr, polio, and hib the same day. My once normal child lost his speech, became anti-social, became hyper-active, and had many repetitive behavires. The doctors diagnosed him as having autism, but after many more test, we found out he has mercury poison from the vaccines. Please read the archives and you will find the list of ingredients. When you vaccinate, make sure to tell your doctor you want thirmersol free shots (flu shots have lots of mercury in it and that is one of the few vaccines that they don't make mercury free).

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