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I heard that Mississipi and W. Virgina are the toughest states when it comes to vaccinating your kids...they make it impossiable for non vaxers to go to school. However, it's ok to delay the shots. When your in the hospital having your baby, they will give you a permission slip to sign before they give the baby the hep b.....don't sign it and just tell them your going to delay it. They may try to talk you into in and give you a lot of pressure. Just tell them that you don't have the disease, your not shooting up with needles, you don't sleep around so you can't pass it onto your baby.....the that shot is useless at the time being and them tell them that your mind is set and your done discussing it. If they still try to talk you into it, tell them to leave your room and you want another nurse. You may also want to write a birth plan and add that you do not want your baby to have any vaccinations at birth. The blood brain barrier doesn't close untill your about 6 weeks old, so you never want to expose a newborn to a high amount of toxins. If I "had" to vaccinate my next child, I would wait untill 1 to 2 years of age, that way the immune system is stronger and the chances are slim that they will develope a neurolgical problem.

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