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The thing is though, that no vaccine is 100% safe and no vaccine is 100% effective either, meaning that even though you may have been vaccinated against certain diseases, it means that you can still get them.

As a child, I was given the measles vaccine and I had such a bad reaction to it that I was extremely ill and it was as if I had had measles itself.

I had all the other childhood diseases, such as chicken pox, mumps and rubella. I was never vaccinated against these and because I had these diseases as a child I built up my own natural immunity to them and I still have antibodies to rubella even now. Natural immunity is always better than the immunity conferred by vaccines.

Some years ago, I had to have a tetanus and polio update for work and I had a very bad reaction to this. Polio vaccine lives in the gut for up to 6 weeks so you have to be very careful and I had extremely bad stomach problems following this for about a month. I swore after this, that I would never have any other vaccinations myself and I have not and because I have had all the childhood diseases rather than being vaccinated against them, apart from measles - to which I also had a very bad reaction, I have a very good immune system and am never ill.

I agree that in third world countries, then vaccines are essential to help in disease prevention, however, I think that money could be better spent on trying to improve sanitation and putting into practice Health Promotion schemes and also health educations schemes too. The money that is spent on developing new vaccines could be better spent on improvements and help for third world countries generally, so that they have better sanitation and training in health education and disease prevention. Prevention is still better than cure.

I would say that vaccines are not essential for all people or kids living in developed countries such as the US. Natural immunity is better, unless of course some other disease is present or a person is immunocompromosied is some way, in which case, vaccination is essential.

I am not for or against vaccination and I do think that in certain circumstances and in third world countries at present, it is essential, however, for myselft and my family, I have made the conscious choice not to vaccinate and this has nothing to do with the Government either and I happen to be very educated and have done all the reading and the research that is required for me to be satisfied that it is not essential for me and my family.

We all feel a lot better for it anyway and have build up our own natural immunity.

Please do not call people uneducated just because they have made this choice and it does not seem to coincide with your choice. Everyone is entitled to their choice as to whether they vaccinate or not and I am sure that they have done their own research into this area and they are certainly not unintelligent people at all.

Each to their own. You have expressed an opinion on here, so let others express theirs freely too without puttting them down.

They are not wrong, it is just their choice in much the same way that vaccination has been yours.

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