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Just my two cents worth..........

I am not a part of any conspiracy or under any paranoia over our government. I admit that I am not educated when it comes to all health issues concerning children. I admit that polio, mumps and measles are horrible diseases.

What I do know however is that my daughter had seizures immediately following her shots. Many other factors that "could have" caused her seizures were ruled out---once again, pointing to the shots. Doctors don't like to label it because it would create a paranoia, however there is a big risk that our children are under when they get their shots. I know that many cases are NOT documented and that there are many children that die of SIDS that had shots within 24 hours. I personally know of 2 cases. Also, when my cousin was 5, she had a fever following her shots...she was once a walking, talking, very bright child and now she is in a wheelchair with the "autistic" label. What would you think? What would you do? I never even thought twice about signing those papers with my first child. I even excused what happened to my cousin as being a freak of nature or thought that perhaps we were all missing something. BUT when my daughter had seizures following her shots, it changed my mind. AND the more I studied and the more I talked to "real people" about how often complications occur (compared to what they have listed on the sheets) it scared me. I will not allow my daughter to be vaccinated anymore because I do not feel that the government gives us the correct numbers. Some of the problem is that they intentionally put blinders on to some of the documented reactions just to keep the country from panicking and creating horrible epidemics of the dreaded diseases.

Once again, that is just the 2 cents worth of a mom who has chosen to no longer vaccinate.................

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