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I have a son who is five and was diagnosed with mild austism 2 years ago. He had all his required vaccinations (MMR etc) but I remember they asked me if I wanted the chicken pox shot and I looked at them like "what?". I declined at the time....I'm glad I did at any rate due to the fact that I don't know whether or not his vaccinations helped bring on the autism anyway.

He entered Kindergarten this year, and of course we discussed the fact that the school wants boosters given. We declined as we don't want to further any brain damage if it was a result of the ingrediants used for preserving (mercury poisoning). At the time I asked the doctor about the chicken pox virus...if I could get it back in 1975, what was the need for a shot? He told me that the reason was that the chicken pox virus has now gotten to the point where it is often found combined with a flesh eating virus when someone catches it. SO - in effect you may just get the old spots that itch OR you could get a bad case and be hospitalized and lose a hand or something. Anyway, THAT'S the reason they came up with the vaccination.

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