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[QUOTE=wrin]The part that I think is really kind of amusing is that they've banned mercury-based preservatives for the grand majority of vaccinations (I think the only one that still uses it is the flu shot) and autism and ADD rates haven't dropped.


They just recently discontinued mercury-based preservatives in the vaccines. I would bet that there are still older mercury containing vaccines sitting on a few of the Drs shelves waiting to be used.

It takes years to develop studies and statistics on the rise or decline of a disease. It is no wonder that you haven't noticed a decline in the rate of autism or ADD. You can't expect miracles to occur overnight. It took decades to get to the point we are in society with these diseases. It may take just as long for the decline to show itself. Unlike many, I happen to think there are other materials in the vaccines that are linked to the autism and other rising diseases in this country. Just a thought.


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