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[QUOTE=shadepra]Maybe this isn't the right place to ask this, but do any of you have opinions on vaccinating your pets? I have heard that after a cat or dog receives all of their orginal shots, they don't need to be vaccinated again (except maybe for rabies). But of course, most vets will say the opposite. So I can't decide what to do about those "yearly" shots that vets say are so necessary.[/QUOTE]

I've done a lot of research on the annual vaccine program for dogs and cats, and based on what I have read about the possible damage to an animals immune system, I have decided to get my dog his puppy vaccinations, followed by an annual vaccination one year later, and then followed by one three years later, and then no more vaccinations for the rest of his life, except for the mandated rabies vaccination.

I've seen two dogs die early, of unusual diseases, both of which I blamed on their annual vaccinations. After losing my beloved pet to a strange illness at 12, I started doing some research on the annual vaccination program, and was really surprised by what I read. I will always blame myself and my vet, for needlessly exposing my "aged" pet to immune system problems, by getting him an unneccessary vaccination.

I have never found any article anywhere proving that the annual vaccinations are needed every year. The older the pet, the more likely for the pet to suffer immune system problems from over-vaccination, IMHO.

To do more research, go to Google and type in something like: annual vaccination pets immune

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