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[QUOTE=coley91]Just so you all know. My son did have the shot for whopping cough. Thank GOD!!!! Literally. When he was a year old, even though he had the shot. He contracted whooping cough. He was one sick little boy. If he wouldnt of had that shot, he probably wouldnt be with us today. It was that bad. He couldnt catch his breath when he coughed... and it was awful. I would STRONGLY recomend every mother consider getting this shot for your child. There are more chances of your children contracting things such as whooping cough again these days.


If your child had the vaccination and he caught the disease anyway, doesn't that mean the vaccination didn't work? We have a seven year old daughter who we decided not to vaccinate. We spent so many hours and months researching all of the studies worldwide, we finally came to the decision not to vaccinate. My mother was not vaccinated as a child and she did catch whooping cough at age 3. It was an awful ordeal, but she is a healthy 57 year old adult today. She opted to have me vaccinated as a child and to this day regrets it. My immune system has always been compromised. I have had surgery to correct scoliosis and many sinus surgeries throughout my life. I am not saying that all of my problems were related to the vaccines, but I do feel they contributed to my problems. Although my mother thought at the time she was doing what was in my best interest, in retrospect, she said she has a new found appreciation for her mother who did not allow her to be vaccinated. So, I am not trying to sway anyones opinion. I feel that vaccinating a child is a very personal choice that needs to be made by parents who educate themselves as much as they possibly can! I just had to respond to the fact that your child did get the disease after he was vaccinated. It just makes me wonder why you didn't question why the vaccine didn't prevent the illness. :)


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