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My advice would be not to have your child vaccinated for chicken pox. You do not need this. Chicken pox is a routine childhood illness and if you let your child get it, they will have natural immunity for the rest of their lives and the disease itself is self-limiting.

I was never vaccinated against chicken pox as a child and got it. I was not that unwell with it and I recovered within a week and I still have immunity to this day. I think I have always been healthier as a result, as my immune system became stronger as a result of having to deal with disease and develop antibodies towards it.

Why not have a look at some of the other posts on this board also. There is a case of a baby being vaccinated who was actually infectious with chicken pox after the vaccine. The doc said that it was just a reaction and the child's grandfather went near her and he actually caught shingles from his granddaughter who was infectious following vaccination with the chicken pox vaccine. Surely in this cirumstance it is better to let your child get chicken pox instead and develop their own immunity to it, which is certainly better and long lasting, whereas if you have a vaccine, you will probably only have to have her re-vaccinated at some stage because she has lost her immunity anyway.

Any vaccine is an attenuated and live form of the disease itself, so after your child has been vaccinated, they may actually get chicken pox anyway and be just as infectious as a child with chicken pox that they had contracted naturally from other kids.

I really do not understand why people would want to have their kids vaccinated against chicken pox these days. To my mind, it is a waste of time and money really.

Chicken pox is self limiting so forget the vaccine and let your child go and catch chicken pox and develop their own natural immunity to it, which is always best and they will keep this immunity for life once acquired. This can never be guaranteed with a vaccine though.

Good luck
Again, your argument is incorrect. If you never get chickenpox as a child and never gain immunity to it and never come into contact with the virus, then if you come into contact with it as an adult you will get chickenpox and not shingles.

If you have had chickenpox as a child and then come into contact with the virus again as an adult, then you will get shingles.

When you get infected with chickenpox, it causes a self-limiting disease. You get over it and become well again and gain immunity to it. However, the virus still lives on, albeit in a dormant state in the ganglia of the nerve cells and at periods of extreme stress in life or on coming into contact with someone with chickenpox again, the virus can be reactivated and will become shingles. This is why it affects the nerve pathways and can be very painful, because it lies dormant within the nerve cells.

When I was young, my mom made sure that I got chickenpox by playing with my cousins who had brought it home from school. It was self-limiting for me. I recovered fully, still have my own immunity to it to this day and have never had shingles.

Chickenpox is highly contageous, so it is quite unlikely that anyone would miss out on having it during childhood.

Your own immunity is a lot better than a vaccinated immunity and will last a lifetime. Vaccinated immunity does not last forever and this is why you need to be revaccinated.

By having certain diseases whilst young and during childhood you are giving the immune system a chance to develop, grow and respond to various types of bacteria and viruses. By doing this the immune system develops and when you vaccinate against various things you are robbing the immune system of this chance to develop fully and by doing this a lot of kids can go on to have far greater health problems as adults because of this.

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