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Re: Flu shot okay
Jan 6, 2004
[QUOTE=kiki lou]Flu shots contain thimerasol, which is MERCURY--the second most toxic substance on earth. Do you truly think ANYONE needs to put that voluntarily into their bodies, or the body of their baby with an undeveloped immune system.

I think NOT![/QUOTE]

Just read an article that indicated the whooping cough vaccine and several others no longer contain thimerasol and that the flu vaccine is also available without it. Some vaccines still contain trace amounts of it, but still a LOT less than what the average person who might eat a tunafish sandwich or any other type of fish may get.
Re: Flu shot okay
Jan 7, 2004
I just wanted to point out that...

the APA and the CDC recommend any woman who is in her 2nd or 3rd trimester or who is breastfeeding get the flu shot.

The flu shot does not hurt your fetus or your baby while breastfeeding.

It is very dangerous to get the flu while pregnant. Please get the flu shot.. every accredited medical board says it is beneficial for pregnant or lactating women to get the shot.

As far as mercury....... yah.... there may be mercury.. there is mercury in tuna too. but none of us have died from it yet either.

I got the flu shot because I do not want to harm my unborn child. I will not get the flu shot after my baby is born and I am done breastfeeding because I dont feel it is beneficial to me when I can fight the flu myself. But while pregnantor breastfeeding your immue system is very screwed up. you need help and the flu shot is there for these types of people.

i would say.... talk to your doctor .. dont listen to anyone on this board.

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