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6 hours after receiving a double booster on hep b vaccine from Glaxo Smith Kline I became quite ill, nausea, gastro pain issues etc. The next day this reaction faded and was replaced by generalized Pruritis (Itching). I received a double booster because my immunity titer level always would fall off with one shot. I was assured this was safe.

I had the shot in late October and have just started heavy duty anti histamines and prednisone a week ago (Dec4) to supress what my doctors classify as an over immune response. Glaxco has been vey unhelpful in providing info on a possible cure/treatment and how long it may take to go away. This company admits that in 0.03 to 0.05 % of shots that this reaction can happen, but it is "very rare". They say my case sounds uncomfortable but they have reports of worst itching accompanied by severe body rashes/Hives that usually clear with 3 months or so of prednisone intevention. I do not have rashes but my skin does turn red easily when pressure is applied and it take 30 minutes or so to fade.

My doctors feel that with prednisone my immune systen should but is not guaranteed to settle down in the next month and the itching should subside.

I caution anyone to read and research all facts surrounding this vaccine and its myriad of "rare side effects".If they are so rare then why are so many different reactions on file. Plain and simple *** covering by the manufactueres. This is a billion $ industry and my limited research indicates there is widespread cover-up on more severe reactions and permanent disabilities and the government condones this due to intense lobbying.

My doc just injected me with this booster and said I might get a mild localized reaction. Mild my ***, I was never presented with any literature or warned of possible side effects. I was shocked when i read about the lethal chemicals such as Mercury, Formaldihyde, Thimersol etc put into this vaccine.

If anyone has had generalized Pruritis from this vaccine please post. I am curious to know what meds relieved/eliminated this and when it faded.


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