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Thanks for the replies although I don't know how to take Kiki's "Good" comment? This type of reaction Pruritis generalized is horrible. i am hoping to get some response posts from some people that have had the reaction and what they did to alleviate, cure, or how long it took to just fade once the immune response settled down. I may try natural healths alternative reccomendation, i wonder what herbs can help relieve body wide itching and settle the immune system down? My doc will only put me on Prednisone for 3 weeks 3 tabs a day (15mg total) and then come off of it. if that doesnt completely work the he says a powerful cortisone shot will be in the making. Either way the doctors and glaxco tell me this reaction will eventually clear up, but they cant say when, it has almost been 7 weeks. The prednisone in the last week i have been on it, has helped a bit.

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