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[QUOTE=kiki lou]Hey Sailmaven!

There's an offer out by a couple of autism specialists for an adult volunteer to drink a specially designed "cocktail" containing the same ratio of thimerosal, aluminum, formaldhehyde, phenols and other chemicals that an infant receives in an average vaccination session at the doctor's office. All the chemicals will be prepared in the same ratio that an average infant receives, but adjusted for the adult volunteer's weight. The person who will DRINK this mixture, will be given $25,000. Our babies had it INJECTED into them!

THe offer's been on the table for approx. 3 years. NO takers, yet.... However, you sound like the perfect candidate!

1. Infants don't drink their vaccinations. it's a totally different route of administration, and would have totally different outcomes.

2. I [COLOR=Red][removed] [/COLOR] have absolutely no problem taking the flu and Hepatitis vaccines.

3. evidence based medicine is what is needed. Show me a well designed scientific study showing what you assert and I will consider it. Anecdotal evidence is not substantial enough to turn our backs on the greatest accomplishment of modern medicine...the Vaccine.

4. Penicillin was originaly made from mold spores. I wouldn't drink a concotion of mold spores but you can be damn sure I will take it by pill or injection if I had a staph infection.

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