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[QUOTE=sailmaven36;792912]Using Dan Burton as an objective investigator in this issue is impossible. His grandchild is autistic and he is convinced that vaccinations caused it. Even though every scientific study has found no correlation to vaccinations and autism. Most of the increase in autism are due to the expansion of syndromes that are now considered Autism, where before they were considered something else. Thimerosol has been in injections for over 50 years. The amount of mercury in them is miniscule.[/QUOTE]

It was reported on the national news yesterday (2/8/07) that the results of a recent comprehensive study indicate the autism problem may be a great as 1 child in 150. These numbers demand that we consider every possibility in looking for causative factors. As Dan Burton also points out, there has been no scientific evidence/studies affirming the safety of thimerosol. Since mercury has long been recognized to be a neuro-toxic agent, it would seem that evidence to the contrary would be more meaningful than the simple presumption that it is safe. Although the definitions of autism may have been broadened (which does not diminish the seriousness of the problem), both the total number of vaccines and the number of concurrent vaccinations being given to children has also increased. So, the bottom line is that if vaccines can be produced without questionable components, they should be. Not to mention the apparent statistical evidence that calls into question the overall efficacy of vaccinations in reducing the incidence of the diseases they are intended to prevent.

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