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I think the flu shot just like any immunization is all about the money $$$$$$$$$$.
It gets people inot the doctors offices, 1st you have a copay and then you pay for the shot. I find all of these shots to be sooooo obnoxious and they are a real fraud. I agree...I had the flu 2 times in my life, what's the big deal. Some people don't take care of themselves and push themselves when they are sick...those are the ones who get complications most of the time(for those who want to rip me apart please note..I said most of the time).
Most Children who die from the flu have parents who don't take the kids to the doctors and don't provide the rest and nutrition that is needed to sway off the flu or these kids already have other medical problems.

The panic is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$. :eek:

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