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Re: What Vaccines
Jan 4, 2004
[QUOTE=Ashton'sMommy]What vaccines should I get for my baby?
Or are they all considred "dangerous"

Can someone fill me in on this I am due in 9 weeks and want to be aware of my options etc.[/QUOTE]

Hi, ask the doc for all the faq sheets in advance of the kids birth. hep-b they don't really give you an opportunity to say no since it is done at birth; you should ask what is the reason behind it and what the ingredients of all the vaccinations are before your child is scheduled to recieve any-it gives you time to discuss and think about it.

Do some research now while you still have the time. mercury/thirmesol; formaldahyde (sp); aluminum.---effects of .

plug in state ( )department of health look under vaccinations they should have an assortment of info to look at pro vaccination. Helps to weigh your decision.

Look into chelation if you are really worried about possible negative effects.

If you are going to do them then spread them out at least 6 weeks to 3 months depending if it is from a live virus.

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