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Re: What Vaccines
Jan 4, 2004
[QUOTE=kiki lou]However, I would say to be "reasonably" safe, avoid EVERYTHING for at least 2 years, then proceed slowly, only one vax at a time. Do not give vaccines within 30 days of any fever or illness (which should be easy in an unvaxed kid as they rarely get sick), and give one vax only every 3 months. [/QUOTE]

Since I would assume that the majority of babies in this country do get vaccinated, it's statistically unreasonable to claim that an unvaccinated baby rarely gets sick when compared to a vaccinated baby. Besides, vaccinating a baby doesn't give it a cold; being exposed to a person with a cold gives it a cold. Likewise, some vaccinated babies rarely get sick. Some of each kind will most definitely get sick. The vast majority of children have little to no serious reaction to their childhood vaccines while being protected from some awful diseases.

I'm sorry your children had bad reactions to the vaccines, but realize they are in a very small minority, and it doesn't mean you should go around telling everyone not to get their children vaccinated. I'm sure people who live in impoverished countries that don't vaccinate their children and have high infant mortality rates would find your claim astounding and would love to take the risk of vaccinating. Fortunately for people who don't vaccinate here, most Americans do, so they probably won't have to worry about catching those diseases from anyone they're around.

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