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[QUOTE=~Winnie~]so now i am confused...i just had my 2 1/2 month old vaccinated when she turned two months but now i am wondering if i should not vaccinate at 4 months....i am hearing all kinds of things...that it can increase the risk for sids and all the things in here as well...goodness what should i do or not do????
please ANYONE with advise for or against vaccinating HELP ME OUT![/QUOTE]

By all means, definately vaccinate. People on these boards will tell you all sorts of terrible things. They will talk about government and Drug company conspiracies etc. When it comes down to it, vaccinations are the biggest medical success of our time. The diseases that these prevented have saved MILLIONS of lives. Side effects are possible, they are possible with anything you give a child including many foods. Severe side effects are very rare. They do occur, but the chances of getting one are much less than the risk that these diseeases would present if people did not get vaccinated.

The assertions that vaccinations cause things like autism have been debunked over and over again by many good scientific research. Check with the CDC, or with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Heck, check with your Pediatrician. I have never met a pediatrician that did not have the best interests of his patients as his primary goal. I don't think you will find one that argues against vaccinations.

Good Luck

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