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It was kinda a case of too little too late. I don't know about the amount of adults that have no immunities because at the time that was the last thing on my mind. I didn't think to question.
I know that the study I had my son enrolled in for his first round said that after the series is done they would test his blood for antibodies to see if he actually aquired the immunities to the diseases he was vaccinated against. I don't know if that info is available, I'm going to have to do some looking.
As far as feeling most must not lose their immunity, there's no way to tell. Many adults have a strong enough immune system to fight many things, and who knows, things that turn horrible in kids may only register as a cold or something else that is not a big deal.
After you said it Winnie, I think I might request a copy of the blood work from that hospital stay and see if they tested me for any other immunities.
Don't know....I'll let ya know though when I find out!!

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