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StareDecisis.How common is it for a child to get HepC? uncle has hep c and all it would take for someone to get this from him is use his razor with a little of his blood on it and cut themselves with it ...and i know you are thinking who would use someone's razor anyway...well maybe his 13 year old son....or maybe his daughter would grab the wrong tooth brush (making the same blood contact) then if his children did come in contact with it then play with other children....scraped knees, boo boos, you know how clumbsy children can unlikely as you may think it can be it still scares me...

Ratatosk are absolutly right about the fish... when i was pregnant they told me to only eat 4 oz of fish a week or less....i only had one tuna fish sandwhich before they told me that and no fish at all after they told me...

calling my health dept. really opened my eyes ...all the nurses i talked to vaccinate their children and they encouraged me to do the same

but everyone has to do what they are comfortable with although i agree with what sailmaven said in "arguments about the saftey of vaccinations" when others dont vaccinate they put our vaccinated children at higher risk....and that bothers me.
[I]I dont really see the need in getting the Hep B. vaccine??I mean.... im not going to feed my child feces so why should I give him the vaccine?
Is hep B that risky?
I dont even know the harm it can cause.[/I]I

I don't think alot of Dr's do a good job of explaining the risks of hepatitis B

Universal vaccination of infants for
hepatitis B is important to protect them both from infection in
early childhood as well as from infection later in life. The
risk of infections are different when you get them. If you get
infected as an infant, one, you're likely to have no symptoms
at all. You're likely to never know you were infected. And you
have a 90 percent chance of becoming a chronic carrier. And
about a quarter of those go on to develop either liver cancer
or cirrhosis of the liver 20 to 40 years or so afterwards, and
they may never know how they got it. So we vaccinate them
because the risk of the consequences of hepatitis B is much
more severe, the younger you are. Contrast that with an adult.
An adult who gets infected with hepatitis B, they have only a 6
to 10 percent chance of becoming a chronic carrier. About more
than one-third of all chronic carriers in the United States are
believed to be from childhood infections.

As far as how your child can get it, the presumption for
childhood transmission is, one, there is transmission from
mother to affected baby if the mother is a chronic carrier.
Aside from that, we think it may be perhaps from sharing
washcloths with abraded skin; bites that might occur that would
break the skin; children with rashes who might be exposed to
someone bleeding. And about 10 percent of the infections overall are occurring by 9 years of age. Just because you and your children might not have any of the risk factors, that doesn't prevent a child that your's plays with, cutting himself, and possibly transferring it to your child.

A chronic carrier might not show symtoms for 20-30 years, however they are still contagious.
That's exactly what I'm talking about...making the decision for your situation. Some people it's opposite, some, the least risk is the vaccine. That's why they encourage elderly or people with certain health problems to get the flu shot. Some people are at a higher risk of the disease because of a compramised immune system, others, the risk outweighs the benefit. It's an individual decision, and just because that was the right choice at the time, doesn't mean things don't change either. You may find out after choosing not to vaccinate, that a risk factor becomes a problem where the vaccine almost becomes an absolute. So don't write your decisions in concrete...always look at the sitaution and decide accordingly.

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