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[QUOTE=Ashton'sMommy]girly vaccinations have been given for the last at least 52 years. If that is not long term enough for you I dont know what is.

This whole non-vaccinating clique is very very new and these parents do not know what long term effects it will have on their kids who have come down with these diseases and viruses that could have been prevented.

Vaccines are made for a reason. The cdc etc does not make vaccinations to poison us with mercury etc. They make them becuase they have great health benefits.
If there was never any reason to make them they would have never been made in the first place.[/QUOTE]

There are NO long term studies on the safety of vaccinations. Just because something has been used for "52 " years does not mean it is safe. Look at DES for example, it was used in the 30's up until the 70"s and there are still some countries that use it. does that make it safe? :nono: NO, it wasn't and still isn't. There are also many new autoimmune diseases that are cropping up and it is interesting that during the timeframe of immunizations( the 52 years that are mentioned) that they started to show up.We don't know how someone gets an autoimmune disease, but it does have to do with our immunity. I can't for the life of me understand how messing around with our immune systems is helpful or SAFE. WE DO NOT know the long term safety of vaccinations. They are experimental in nature. There is NO follow-up. Side-effects are often NOT reported.

The CDC is not a place where I get warm fuzzy feelings. :eek: To say that they would have never made them in the first place if there wasn't a need can be said about many things that have been proven harmful over the years. Why no longterm studies then, what they are afraid to find out. Look at HRT for example, where is the real need? It is a "disease" because money can be made off of a natural part of a womans life and the public bought into it. Yes, I know there are some people who truley need it, it is not those that I am talking about.

BTW, I personally don't care if someone wants the vaccines that is thier business, but I don't need someone telling me that I must have them.

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