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well i'm new to this discussion but not to the topic. i would like to say that for those who believe vaccinations are completely safe, please do not assume that those who have a great concern over their safety are reading wrong information or being misled by their own intuitions. there is PLENTY of documentation of the FDA's relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and the amazing way drugs, vaccines and other such things are approved at the same time FDA authorities receive stock options or even positions with the company they are supposed to be evaluating and regulating. this is a deadly trend, money in exchange for safety.

i would also like to say that for people who feel that those concerned with the safety of vaccines have been reading "propaganda" regarding the dangers of vaccinations, the same could be said for information coming from those who financially benefit from approval of prescription drugs and vaccinations, so please, keep an open mind. information and research that is documented by doctors and agencies not in any way tied to the industry through grants, employment or any other benefit, financial or otherwise, might actually contain truth.

as stated before, it is essential to keep your head on straight and not take everything at face value. however, i would say there is enough evidence and information available from people and doctors who have personally experienced (either with their own child or patients) negative, dangerous side effects that can not be refuted by drug companies who profit to produce vaccinations and the FDA authorities who profit to approve them, that it should absolutely raise concern.

it is not difficult and is also highly profitable for industry and FDA executives to silence any naysayer with insults of extremism or lack of education or knowledge. we have been trained for decades to take what is handed down from such offices and "authorities" as gospel truth. just as people have been cautioned and encouraged to research and think intelligently and honestly before losing their wits about vaccine safety, the same should be cautioned and encouraged to those who eat the industry reports and information like the bread of life.

do you really think drug companies care about the safety of your children for their own profit? not a chance. it's a twist they call "the greater good" - if vaccines harm thousands of children through irritation, developmental disabilities (i personally have a friend who will be in an electric wheel chair and will also receive government stipends his entire life because a vaccination destroyed his chances of developing normally, which is how my search for knowledge and information began), even death, the industry considers is t worthwhile risk in light of those who MIGHT *potentially* become infected with a disease, virus or bacteria.

i am not 100% against vaccines, however i think it incredibly irresponsible and irrational of the medical community to assault the underdeveloped immune system of an infant, who already is receiving passively aquired immunity if breast fed. and at this point children are receiving a mind blowing number of antigens into their system that they may not ever be at risk for. if vaccinations should be necessary, at least require them at an older age, when the immune, skeletal and cerebral systems are all significantly more developed.

an interesting note is that a panel discussion approval for yet another pertussis vaccination, more than one doctor addressed the issue that antibodies are not even understood for their purpose or action. to assume immunity and protection based on the presence of antibodies after an injection, and to blindly assume the safety of a vaccine because it provokes the presence of antibodies, is incredibly irresponsible. i believe that our children are the test for safety and efficacy of vaccinations, and time will tell if they are safe or effective. i think time is beginning to tell as the number of concerned citizens and parents rises.

another thought that utterly confuses me is the assumption of immunity and safety when vaccines deliberately bypass the first four natural systems of defense: the skin, the mucous membranes, the gut lymphiods and the lymphatic system, depositing antigens directly into the blood stream. i find this particularly foolish and offensive in the case of infants.

finally i think there is significant evidence concerning the correlation between thimerosal and autism. we are told that autism is genetic/hereditary and has been around for generations and centuries. i do believe that we have the highest number of cases of autism today, present in children and adolescents, early teens and adulthood, than any other generation, and the children born in the past ten years have received more vaccinations than any other generation. Also, there is a significant lack in numbers of adults with autism. While there certainly are adults with autism, there is a staggering difference in number of cases between the age groups. Also, there is a clear, significant lack of children (and adults for that matter) with autism in the Amish population. At the time of an article which some or all of you may have read, a journalist travelled to amish communities in search of autistic amish children. theoritically he should have found around 200, and that's a conservative estimate, eliminating generic disorders that are similar to autism. he found three. one was a girl adopted from china who had received a vaccination schedule before she left and the second was one of the few amish children who had been vaccinated after the parents were pressured by public health officials. the third case could not be located. when asked if there were any other cases of autism anywhere in the amish community, the families replied there was no way there would be without them knowing, even though the amish communities are spread all throughout the united states. if you don't believe they could possibly know of every case, watch the movie "the Devil's Playground", a documentary on rumspringa. it becomes very clear how tight the amish community is. families have directories that are regularly updated on every family in the amish community, children's names, ages, location, and family information. i truly believe those families were correct in saying that if there were any other cases of autism in the amish community, they would know about it.

hypothetically, if there are other cases and the families happen to be ashamed or try to keep their family in seclusion (which goes against everything the amish stand for (working and living in community and helping out every person and family) ) it is HIGHLY unlikely that the number of children that SHOULD have been found with autism, if it is not correlated to vaccinations, could have been supressed and hidden from the rest of the community.

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