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[I] I am curious however, why is it that it's so important to force an opinion on someone who is merely trying to share some info learned while trying to make an informed decision? It seems like some are threatened by the fact that someone can think outside of the medical community. [/I]

First off I would like to say that I am not attacking you. If my posts have come off as any other way I apologize. What I am trying to do is separate assertions made by some people that are presented as fact, against those that have scientific validity through experimentation and research. Many of the antivaccination posters ( and I do not intend this as a condemnation of you) post statements as scientific fact. Most if not all of these statements are not backed up with any research or validity. But the frequency of these statements is enough to scare people. That is why I emplore people to research on sites that reference their statements. I know no matter what I say some people will refuse to change their minds. And that is their right. I only wish to educate those who are looking for answers.

[I]As of yet I have not found a double blind study[/I]

This is probably true, but this does not make the other studies less accurate. A double blind study would entail using a group of children given a placebo instead of the real vaccine, and then following them around for years. No doctor would do this because the risk to these children for contracting the diseases would be too great. This would be an unethical study. What epidemiologists have done is look at populations where vaccine compliance has changed over time, and correlated that to rates of problems such as autism, SIDS, Asthma etc. What they have found is no correlation between rates of vaccination and incidence of problems (you can check this and look at the actuall studies at the links I previously suggested). This suggests that there is no causal relationship involved. Some of these studies involved hundreds of thousands of children.

Finally, I am asked why I should care. Everybody should care. Decreases in vaccination rates increases diseases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The CDC did a study, and the conclusion of it was that for every 1%decrease of vaccination rates, there is an increase in risk rates of 60% to children that are vaccinated, and 600% for those who are not.
So, people that do not vaccinate their children put mine at greater risk.
sorry to double post but i have to add....sailmaven you said i wont find many health care pros who dont vaccinate their children...but you know i havent even found ONE who has not vaccinated their own children, so far all the pros i talked to do vaccinate and encourage others to do the same :)....

and another thing you are right about ...we should care that others dont vaccinate because as you said it does put our children at higher risk...and in my state you still must vaccinate for school and some daycare centers as well, i am not sure i would want my child in a center or school where some children were not vaccinated...its just to dangerous
"and another thing you are right about ...we should care that others dont vaccinate because as you said it does put our children at higher risk...and in my state you still must vaccinate for school and some daycare centers as well, i am not sure i would want my child in a center or school where some children were not vaccinated...its just to dangerous"

Hey Winnie, If your kid is Vaccinated, then why would you worry about other kids who have not been vaccinated?????????????????????? Would you actually inject something into your child that doesn't work???? Why vac. if it doesn't work????? Why would you worry about your kid getting sick if your kid is 'vaccinated'????????? Isn't your kid supposed to be 'immune' if they had a vaccination????
[QUOTE=sailmaven36]Ifyou are noy aware, most if not all vaccines have removed the thimerosol that was in them. If this is what scares you, then you should request thimeroslo free vaccines. The mortality statistics on childhood diseases should definately frighten you.

There is no board policy prohibiting you from posting weblinks to study listings. You have made alot of statements of what you consider to be medical facts. Please back them up with concrete evidence that I can read. If this is for peoples information they should not take anybodies word that what they are saying is true. They should be able to see it in a well designed study, not some web site run by anybody with a computer.[/QUOTE]

although they are making mercury free vaccines now they are still useing the ones on the shelves with mercury in Our children are still getting Therimersol. I know this becouse my 3 yr old has autism from his vaccines im certain.Yes people do need to be educated about it. People think that just becouse the doctors say vaccinate we should. thats not true. we need to do the math ourselves. the dangers of vaccines outweigh the preventions. IMO.
While the vaccinated for diseases would not be considered fatal to a healthy normal child, children like my son who are immunosupressed,they would be.There are so many many people(including children) who are immunosuppressed from certain conditions/diseases and the treatments of certain conditions that ARE at much higher risk from those that are not vaccinated.

I live in MN and we just had our fourth case of polio confirmed's here and other thought to be gone,diseases and will be back,it is just a matter of IS those of us who have had our children vaccinated that make it possible for you who don't to even have that choice.children are at risk just waking up in the morning,once they step outside that door,the risks go up.when they get to school, the risks go up cannot possibly protect your children from everything but if there is something offered that would reduce the risks to your child of contracting certain diseases,I just don't understand why you would not do it.i have yet to see any "real" proof that all of the children who are ending up with certain conditions/diseases were actually coming from any vaccination.yes,there ARE some children who have had horrible reactions to the vaccines,but everytime your child or any adult puts anything, a medication or even food into their bodies,depending on the physiology of that particular persons make up,they could react to it in some way,that is just the way things are.

i know this IS a very touchy subject for some,but actually hearing that there are(so far) four confirmed cases of a disease that was thought to be pretty much non existant just a few years ago,really should at the very least,cause you to rethink that decision to not vaccinate your children,honestly.The children(this actually started in an infant)who now have polio were ALL not vaccinated.There will be many more cases coming as this is actually in an Amish community who do not believe in vaccintations.So you can only imagine just what is going to happen there over the next few months,at least.Just something i really thought you should all be aware of.FB

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