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Sleep well,
I am waiting for my husband to get home so while I will regret it at 6 am when Alex gets up..I want to write. An Aspergers diagnosis must have been hard..and glad to hear it ended up being off-base...I'm not "glad" you can understand the fear first-hand..but I'm sure your professsion plus life-experience can help us each and every one of us has experience in different ways.
One other thing is coming to mind. Ironically, just like me, one of my mom's closest friends, had a son (in 1974) who was autistic.Now we, 3 decades later share about that....My mom & her friend were in their late 20s when they had us...we were vaccinated fully (total sidenote). But Ron was always..different..he never looked at us..spun objects or himself alot...
I didn't know or understand then....My point to get there in 10 words or less is that I was unaware that the regression aspect I described above was normal to an autism diagnosis......Now, yes, then, no...Ron was born that way.. he never regressed..he never recognized us or at least communicated that he did.. That I believe is a truer example of "organic" autism. The arugument I've heard, read of, is that this "regressive autism"...(this is not an official term) can possibly be attributed to cumulative mercury exposure + genetics+ other factors .So this is a little more of my story. "Matt" the boy I worked with was different.....Knew us...but lost us.
It's so easy for me to talk about kids, autism and the last several years.
I am gonna go out on an unscientific limb and say that the rates of Autism, ADD,ADHD,PDD..will decrease now that vaccines can be made without thimerosal.
We in this board area aren't looking to blame...we are only just beginning to vaccinate, or wait...thimerosal can hopefully be put aside for the we can zero in on other issues concerning the current vaccination schedule.

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