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I will have to check the sites first to make sure they don't have bulletin boards...I know that's one thing that prohibits listing, is there any more so I don't get in trouble?? I would love to provide the info..I believe people need to have all the info from both sides and choose from there.
As for the thimerisol, there is more out there than most know. It was prohibited in future production, but they did not require a recall of all the vaccinations on the shelf. I called the health department, several pediatricians and asked about the thimerisol..most didn't know what it was, so they grabbed the box and started reading...they swore they had the new batch, but there was still thimerisol.
My son more than likely will start his vaccinations at two years old, once the brain has formed the barrier that helps minimize reactions.
As far as concrete evidence, I don't believe it exists because every group has their own take on things and IMO have ways to tilt the scales a bit. That's why I searched sooo many places including the CDC website. I will check the ones I intitially checked and also make sure they're ok with the mods then would love to post them. And if possible have them put on a sticky. It may take me a couple days, but I will let you know what I find and if it's ok to post you'll see the link.
I'm also curious as to what seems to be a lot of hostility towards people who choose not to vaccinate or have doubts. I don't know if you're from the medical community or just not sure where to find all the info, but I assure you, most people who choose not to vaccinate do so only after researching it and speaking with their docs.
My ped worked at one of the top childrens hospitals and children were flown there from a tri-state area and she only saw 1-2 kids a month who contracted one of the illnesses "prevented" by vaccines and the rest were by kids who were vaccinated. My biggest problem is that people are lead to believe that their kids are 100% protected when even their own studies show otherwise.
I'm not exact on these number, but really close...about 80% of the cases of these diseases are fully vaccinated children....that makes me doubt the safety and validity of the vaccines.
I don't want to sway anyone either way, I just feel people shouldn't so blindly trust something just because it's been around for awhile. There's been many different cases of a "safe" medical treatment that turns out down the road to have been not safe at all.
[I] I am curious however, why is it that it's so important to force an opinion on someone who is merely trying to share some info learned while trying to make an informed decision? It seems like some are threatened by the fact that someone can think outside of the medical community. [/I]

First off I would like to say that I am not attacking you. If my posts have come off as any other way I apologize. What I am trying to do is separate assertions made by some people that are presented as fact, against those that have scientific validity through experimentation and research. Many of the antivaccination posters ( and I do not intend this as a condemnation of you) post statements as scientific fact. Most if not all of these statements are not backed up with any research or validity. But the frequency of these statements is enough to scare people. That is why I emplore people to research on sites that reference their statements. I know no matter what I say some people will refuse to change their minds. And that is their right. I only wish to educate those who are looking for answers.

[I]As of yet I have not found a double blind study[/I]

This is probably true, but this does not make the other studies less accurate. A double blind study would entail using a group of children given a placebo instead of the real vaccine, and then following them around for years. No doctor would do this because the risk to these children for contracting the diseases would be too great. This would be an unethical study. What epidemiologists have done is look at populations where vaccine compliance has changed over time, and correlated that to rates of problems such as autism, SIDS, Asthma etc. What they have found is no correlation between rates of vaccination and incidence of problems (you can check this and look at the actuall studies at the links I previously suggested). This suggests that there is no causal relationship involved. Some of these studies involved hundreds of thousands of children.

Finally, I am asked why I should care. Everybody should care. Decreases in vaccination rates increases diseases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The CDC did a study, and the conclusion of it was that for every 1%decrease of vaccination rates, there is an increase in risk rates of 60% to children that are vaccinated, and 600% for those who are not.
So, people that do not vaccinate their children put mine at greater risk.
First of all, I am not anti-vaccination, but I don't believe it's fair to leave the parents totally in the dark about the entire role of vaccines and problems that may arise from using them. I feel parents are black balled if they choose otherwise, and I also feel that many doctors turn a blind eye to possible reactions and blame it on anything other than a reaction to the vaccine.
I have a friend who lost her sister within hours of vaccinations....the only thing that ever changed...went into convulsions then a coma, then died. And another whose daughter is mentally retarded after a reaction. The docs REFUSED to even entertain the fact that they could have had an adverse reaction, so I don't think anyone will ever get the whole story, that's why I say they need to do their own research and make an educated decision as to what's best in their situation.
I found some of the sites and am going to e-mail the mods and then will post the ones I get the ok on. Other than that I can't say much because I don't want to break any rules, as I love this I'll post what I can.
I do fully agree on using reputable web sites...I'm not sure on don't quote me...I don't know because I looked at these almost 2 yrs ago, but don't remember seeing any studies where they deliberately didn't vaccinate children and watched to see what happened. Most of it I believe came from researching the numbers from hospitals, pediatricians, medical journals, and various other places to obtain the information. I am a very objective person, and while doing the research I admit that some of them sounded full of it to me..but that's not to say all of them are wrong. I am an intelligent person and having had several medical problems of my own I've had to do my own research to be my own advocate and learned that what is always written does not always tell the whole story.
To read all of the medical journals about my conditions you will NEVER find the ins and outs that I experience every day. The only way I found out what I was really going through was normal was on boards with other people who have it and are living with it in real life, not a text book. The text-books don't always give the full story as they don't always know when it's something they don't experience on a personal level. It's written from a clinical aspect, not always based in real life. Clinical views are only a portion of it.
While the vaccinated for diseases would not be considered fatal to a healthy normal child, children like my son who are immunosupressed,they would be.There are so many many people(including children) who are immunosuppressed from certain conditions/diseases and the treatments of certain conditions that ARE at much higher risk from those that are not vaccinated.

I live in MN and we just had our fourth case of polio confirmed's here and other thought to be gone,diseases and will be back,it is just a matter of IS those of us who have had our children vaccinated that make it possible for you who don't to even have that choice.children are at risk just waking up in the morning,once they step outside that door,the risks go up.when they get to school, the risks go up cannot possibly protect your children from everything but if there is something offered that would reduce the risks to your child of contracting certain diseases,I just don't understand why you would not do it.i have yet to see any "real" proof that all of the children who are ending up with certain conditions/diseases were actually coming from any vaccination.yes,there ARE some children who have had horrible reactions to the vaccines,but everytime your child or any adult puts anything, a medication or even food into their bodies,depending on the physiology of that particular persons make up,they could react to it in some way,that is just the way things are.

i know this IS a very touchy subject for some,but actually hearing that there are(so far) four confirmed cases of a disease that was thought to be pretty much non existant just a few years ago,really should at the very least,cause you to rethink that decision to not vaccinate your children,honestly.The children(this actually started in an infant)who now have polio were ALL not vaccinated.There will be many more cases coming as this is actually in an Amish community who do not believe in vaccintations.So you can only imagine just what is going to happen there over the next few months,at least.Just something i really thought you should all be aware of.FB
Yep, I knew we would get at least one conspiracy response. The fact is that most companies had to be forced to continue making vaccine for this very reason. It isn't like the vaccine business is real high profit, which is why for the longest time many of the boutique vaccines (i.e. anthrax and rabies) had to be made by state entities (yes, anthrax is made by a private company now, but that was after it was divested from the state of Michigan... and no I am not starting a discussion on that particular vaccine, simply using it as an example).

Just take a look at the actua data... not what someone filters for you. It is all avaiable on the web... see CDC or WHO. You will see the percipitous fall in incidence for measeles (sp), mumps, rubella, pertussis, diptheria, tetanus, etc. Let us not forget the story of smallpox, a disease that used to kill upto 30% of its victims and disfigure a significant fraction of the remainder... it is now for all intents and purposes extinct (again, not starting a discussion on its fate) in the wild and our children don't have to worry about it... heck we don't even vaccinate against it in the US anymore. In MY independent study and my professional work (no I do not work for a pharma company, governmental body, or hospital... no conflic of interest) I can say that I would rank mass vaccination and modern sanitation as two of the greatest advances of the last century, which have done more to save human life than all of the modern drugs we use now.

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