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Re: Pandora's Box
Jan 18, 2004
Hey Winnie, that's the one thing I caution about placing full blame on any one thing. It may be possible, but there are many reasons for depression. It could be genetic, medical cause behind it, chemical imbalance, environmental...too many possibilties. That's why the research is so important.
I don't know if it's related to hep b, but maybe look specifically if there's a test to determine if the hep b anti-bodies are in your system and if there's a way to see if you are sensitive to them. It also may have a correlation in the fact that someone may have an increased risk of a certain problem that is brought full circle by a vaccination or some other cause.
I had a genetic pre-disposition to auto-immune diseases because my grandmp has lupus. It doesn't have to show as lupus, just auto-immune. I was diagnosed with Grave's disease and the instigating factor seems to be when I was working 3 jobs from 9am-6am 7 days a week for 3 mos. It allowed my immune system to drop because of the physical and mental stress which gave the Grave's a chance to get a strong foot hold. Doesn't mean that I'd have never gotten it, but maybe it wouldn't have been as severe or happened so early in life. Just things to think about.
You can't live life though being afraid of everything you hear or read. Don't make decisions based only on worst case scenario because you'll end up suffering needlessly. That's like never taking a tylenol because the bottle says it can cause liver damage. You do the research, look at your specific situation, then make your decision for what's best for you. That's not just for this vaccination issue, that's for everything in life.
Try not to stress, as you can not change things that already are, you can just take care of them. If you spend all your energy trying to change something you can't you'll waste energy that could have been used changing or treating what's in your control.
HeyThere was not trying to panic you, just pointing out that we're not always aware of the risks and sometimes we assume that just because the majority do it or it's been around for a long time that it is totally safe. That's all she's trying to say.

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