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Pandora's Box
Jan 12, 2004 World Health Organization SSPE measles.

knock on wood that they come up with a new immunization method like that nose thing they are starting to do with the flu.

So If in doubt and yours is going for the 4 year shots and not in any daycare or school then you can hold off till 6.

I learned alot last night spent 6 hours doing al kinds of searchs even lab rat mice seizures vaccines etc. I feel good.

Mumps in rare cases can cause deafness and or mental retartadion by encephalitis; where it originates from the vax or from the actual disease is the question.

DTAP there is a study going on about the phenomonon of leg swelling after the 5th dose is given at age 4, many colleges, universities and med schools are listed in the study.

Hep B uses interferon which causes depression by messing with serratonin interferon is also used for lukemia and AZT so why are we not given a choice at birth is this the new aids vax and no is being told?

Has anyone here done further studies into these issues. Neomycin can cause deafness and some people are allergic to it. Why is MSG and yeast being used in vaccines some people are allergic to this stuff and have bad reactions.

Pandora's box - they should just give us a copy of the vax inserts with all the ingredients listed and all the stats and studies just like the regular pharmecuticals are supposed to give when you get a boxed perscriptions so we can make a real informed decision.

I know. I need an editor for all these grammatical and spelling errors.

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