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I don't know if all of that was directed right at me or in general....if it was at me, you need to go back through my posts as I never said I was anit-anything. I just suggest people do their own research and the decide.
As far as just being thought provoking, some of them just come off as provoking...I realize it's impossible to know what emotions are being conveyed when it's in print, but some of it seems more like a challenge or intimidation. You respond to almost every single post with an attitude that you are smarter than the one making a suggestion or looking for answers. You don't leave room for any responses unless it's in the form of exact proof. People aren't here to prove themselves, they're trying to understand questions and doubts they have.
I have yet to be dazzled by scientific info or otherwise. I don't have the time to sit and research and prove every single statement. Many when looking up things don't jot down all the exacts to prove their statements or comments. I for one go to various web sites looking for answers to my question, and up until now I have never had anyone try to push an issue so hard as to proof.
Part of what probably keeps people from posting "proof" is they don't want to risk posting something that is against the rules and some just plain don't want the stress that has come along with the past few threads. Intimidation is not knowledge, nor does it allow for freedom of choice.
I have never tried to tell someone they had to go one way or the other...on the other hand, every post I have read from you stops just short of calling the person a moron if they even question the medical community. I don't know if that's how it's intended, but I'm not the only who feels it's come across that way.
If you read the moderator's thread it seemed they thought this was getting out of hand as well. As for me, this will be my last response to you and this situation. I am here to enjoy myself, share opinions and learn, not stress out about someone who has to challenge my every thought.

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