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I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your position.

When I post something on this board it is not necessarily meant as information against the previous poster. In most cases, people who are strongly of the opinion that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective will not change their minds no matter how logical and hopefully thought provoking I attempt to be. My posts are meant for the large number of people that come to these boards just to view them and get some information. I have read some pretty incredible statements come from some of the antivaccinationists ( I don't even know if that's a word). I saw very little in the way of medical information being passed on. What this does is scare people who take what is said as scientific fact. When there are statements on this board thatare so out of the realm of how the body and its' immune system works, and these statements are presented as the only facts, people who do not have a medical or scientific background would find it very difficult to make an educated descision. My purpose is to educate and try to get people to research this issue, but also give them a framework to do it in. I'm sorry but I can't equate the quality of information given on a website written by a chiropractor or naturopath to those of the CDC, National Institute of Health, American Medical Association, American Pediatric Association as well as your state and local departments of health. If you want to hypothesize a vast medical conspiracy that has been setup so pharmaceutical corporations can financially benefit, that is fine with me. You are entitled to your opinion. I just want people to know when they read some statements by people who are fervently antivaccination, that this is an underlying thought process that you have.

I have tried to be polite in all of my posts. I do not agree with name calling and personifying the arguments. I just feel it is important to have some underpinning of scientific theory when you make statements. As I have said many times. If someone makes a statement of medical fact such as "Thimerosol causes Autism", it is not an opinion, and thus needs some substantiation.

I do not go to the alternative medicine board and debate the merits of some of the treatments described there. I consider alot of that Quackery in the worst way; However, the people who participate are adults and they are entitled to make those descisions for themselves.

Vaccinations are different. What you do by not vaccinating affects your entire community, and as such, everyone of us has a vested interest in seeing the highest vaccination rates possible.

In all of my posts, no one has yet countered any of my comments with evidence. As I have said before I am open to new ideas that come from valid scientific sources.

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