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First off i want to say My heart goes out to all of you for the pain and experiences you have suffered and endured. I am not a mom and do not plan to be in the NEAR future but I have a LOT of younger siblings and five of the nine of us have had SEVERE reactions to shots (myself included) My 1 5 year old brother has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome this is a form of autism.... They did tests on him and his family (he is a step brother to me) to see if they could find the gene in anyone in his family and found it only in his brothers (2 of them all though they are not as joticeable or strong). They finally came back and asked my mom when he started acting this way (he does and says peculiar things if anyone is aware of this disability you know what I am talking about) well she said she noticed when he was two.... but he had always been different as a baby and kind of in his own world. The doctors then told her that this was a side effect from his shots. The reason he is showing more is because she stopped getting the other two's shots when after their two years but she was a new mom who thought she should conform to the norm.

Next scenario is my baby sister. She got her 2 months shots. Three days later she was blind in one eye.

Me: When I was younger I used to get very sick and groggy from the shots normal yes but not to the point where I was constantly sleeping for days afterwards and my body would shake. The doctors told my mom she was panicking and to leave me alone I would be fine. Well When it became a staedfast law in the state I was going to school in I had to get my shots I did and had a seizure and stopped breathing and spent a week in the ICU.

My yonger brother had a similiar experience except he was born in a time when they were starting to recognize that shots were causing side effects. HE stopped breathing and had a seizure after receiving his 2 month shots.... They found out he was allergic to the "T" part in the DPT shots (tussis or something like that!)

Last of all was my teenage brother who like me they thought my mom was overreacting... when he got his shots he just laid in his crib qand stared at the ceiling he didnt move or anything for three days.... later he was diagnosed with a kind of diability that is liek brain damage excep the leads a mostly normal life unless it comes to school stuff and remembering short term and learning neew things. Things that would take a day for most people to learn it takes him a week. Also whatever it was that affected is also slowly eating away at his brain. They said he would be dead before he ever saw his thirtieth birthday. It seems liek every day it is getting harder and harder for him to live that normal life....

Okay so now thta you have heard the AWFUL effects that shots can have on a person let me tell you the good they can do.

As an EMT you have to be tuberculosis and Hepatitis vaccinated. Well I was, but my partner wasnt and one day I went on a call for a guy who ended up throwing up all over me and my partner. Well come to find out he had hepatitis. We got the tests and our first round of shots.... I came out clean. My partner is now living a life of agony of haveing hepatitis. She had to quit the field and her fiance left her out of fear.

Lastly My dad went to work on a patient who when they arrived at the hospital was diagnosed with tuberculosis. If my dad had not been vaccinated he would have contracted that VERY deadly disease.

So my view is liek BREN its up to you to decide some states require for your children to go into public schools that they be vaccinated. So check out your laws, but mostly go with your heart

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