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My son had all his 2 month shots. DTP, HIB, Polio and PCV I think were the shots he was given. It's been such a long time since the shots were given, and I have a bunch of his stuff including his vaccination reconds in that box. The box is in a closet very high up and I can't get to it with out my hubby and right now is not the time to bring up to him to bring the box down and make him remember and relive a very bad time in our lives. We live with this everyday, as time has passed is has gottin easier to deal with. We spend our time taking care of the other kids and try to forget that horrible day, which btw is not very easy. My hubby never really spoke about the whole thing, He kind of keep to himself on the most part and dealt with me and trying to keep me from completely going off the deep end. To this day if I bring up my son and started speaking about him, DH will listen and not say anything, but the look on his face says a million words. The last time I had my DH bring the box down with all my sons stuff in it, he was really down for several days, he was very hard to cheer up. With this baby on the way, it is not the time to dredge up bad memories, if you know what I mean.

Nyxin, this is the hardest choice to make. Only YOU and your DH can make the choice to vaccinate or not.

All I can tell you, is go with what your heart and gut feeling tells you. I personally wish I would have listened to mine 10 yrs ago. Don't get me wrong, I never had a bad feeling or bad gut feeling about vaccinating my daughter, like I did with my son. But for me and DH we just can't go though that again. That is our choice and noone can make the decision for us. You can get all the advice and opinions you want, but when it come right down to it, It is your choice, and a tough one at that.

I don't vaccinate my kids, but I get alot of crap from people who believe that I should. Which make my decision even harder at times. I have people and Dr.'s on my butt all the time, saying "you should vaccinate your kids... you are going to harm your kids if you don't... what happens if they get this or that all b/c you don't vaccinate?, you could be preventing are a bad don't deserve to have children if you don't take care of them with vaccinations!" and things like that I hear all the time from people who know we dont vaccinate. This is one of the toughest decisions we (dh and I)have to make, and I have to hold my ground and listen to that stuff. I have gottin to a point were I don't tell people (in person) that we don't vaccinate, I don't need any more people on my butt about it. Be prepared IF you decide not to vaccinate, you will more then likely hear from alot of people who believe that you should and they will do everything they can including make you feel guilty and a bad parent for the choice you make. I have never dealt with a person that didn't vaccinate there kids or at least didn't admit that they didn't vaccinate.

Good luck with what ever you choose. I hope what ever decision you choose works out great for you and your child/ren.

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