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I have been following this discussion for only a brief few days and can't seem to to let you all fade away in this info. highway with out your hearing one more persons experience, accrued knowledge and ultimately my deep feelings regarding this issue.

bren7: My heart goes out to you along with prayers for your mending heart. I am deeply moved by what you shared with us and as a result I am now willing to "be heard".

Angel77 - You GO Girl! whatever it takes to stand behind your intuition and stay stading firm in you decision will continue to challenge and empower you. Thank you for reminding that part of myself that I aquired through much turmoil.

. Ok, okay.. here goes my brief story.

My daughter was born 17 years ago and I was very proud and blessed to have such a beautiful healthy baby girl, so perfect in every way. Of course I was totally by the book as far as scheduling her well baby visits almost to the day.

First set of shots came at 2 months. Typical reaction like the overwhelming majority of children. She was never quite right after that first jab. But bless it - maybe she is still hungry, or bored, or having some gas or ????

Two months later back to the well baby visit for another round. This time even worse agitation - high pitched screaming and now arching of the back like in pain with real rigid muscles and a look in her eyes so distinct to me yet invisible to all others. Next few jabs = little worse symptoms and duration, ear inf. antibiotics, no sleep but for maybe 2 hours and very on edge to any and all sensations.

Was of course reassured everything was fine by all and continued this cycle of insanity for the first years of her life. She had what appeared to me slight convulsions, uncoordinated unexpected movements and guaranteed ER visit at least one time in between the shots due to her croup (whop.cough name if vaccinated) causing her to turn blue, stop beathing, etc.

I finally found another dr. and he said that I was just a new mother with her first baby and was ... (basically overreactiong and it was all in my head) Now I am at my witts end about to go to the mental ward as no one would listen to me believe that what was happening with my daughter was so very, very real. DH was the "cool" dad type and only two times did we take her to ER together in the middle of the night. At the age of 2 she started colapsing to the ground for no apparent reason while playing and half the time unable to get up by herself. All this still going into the denial bin and Now I am too afraid what may happen if I push it much more Could I jeopardize my family unit? my reputation? etc. When she turned 2-2-1/2 (after all shots are basically done) did I stumble accross the information I needed to at least reassure myself that I WAS CORRECT ALL ALONG WITH MY SUSPISIONS AND DEFINATE LINK OF MALADIES DUE TO THE VACCINES!

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy almost exactly 6 years after my D.was born and did not get one shot for him but 2 the summer before starting school. He was well - rarely ever sick and if so was nothing compared to my first. I also will not subject myself to the foreign biohazards we call vaccines. That is barely the tip of the iceburg. But definately changed my narrow "Conform to the Norm" mentality to have the courage now to stand and fight to my death" (if necessary) for my right to choose.

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