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I'm so sorry about your loss, your story is truley heart breaking. I understand about not vaxxing your kids. I had a perfectly normal child who was developing above normal and just before his second birthday he received the mmr, dpt, polio, hep-b, and hib all in one day! He regressed rapidly over a few days and was never the same since. He's almost 8 years old now and lives with the diagnosis of autism, even though his mercury levels tested high.....I really know he's heavy metal toxic and not autistic. I stopped vaxxing him after that day and most people agree with my decision based on knowing my son before when he was normal. I recently had a baby who is 4 weeks old and I wont vax him. I am now having people trying to question me like you about "can I prove it" that my son is vaxxing damaged. And that I should vax my new baby because my next baby might not have a reaction. But I am not willing to take that risk.

[QUOTE=bren7]Thank you Angel,

I have told people, and explained that I had a horrible gut feeling about doing it, and that the end result was him dieing. I still have had people say to me "Can you PROVE it was the shots that made him die?" Which I can't prove anything. Then they still have harped on me about not vaccinating. Then they don't understand why I get defensive and then tell then "it is my decision and I am doing what I think is best for my children, DH and I". People can be very cruel if you don't think and do like they do. For me, now, it's easier not to tell people unless it's the school or my kids Dr.

It's very difficult dealing with the loss of my son. I have lost alot of friends b/c of it, They didn't want to hear about my loss and how hard of a time I was having. I found the only I have to talk about it with is my ex hubby, DH, my parent, and a friend I met 7 yrs ago. But even then I try not to talk about it much with these people. My Dh and ex hubby were the ones who really stood by my though that whole ordeal. My dad was pretty support but gives me crap about not vaccinating. My mom was not supportive at all, she was and always has been quite cruel. My mom was in Vegas when my son died, she stay there a week, when she got back and saw me, the first thing she said was "Maybe the reason he die was cuz he didn't like his name!" BTW she never like that name I choose for him. The 2nd thing she said was " Maybe he died cuz you weren't a good enough mother!". So needless to say I don't like to speak about that whole ordeal with her. And my friend I have known for 7 yrs, she is get and supportive. I mostly keep to myself about my son and his death, I think about him all the time, and wonder what if... I can't change that past, but I try to deal with everything and enjoy the 2 children I have that are alive.

I was very hesitate to tell my story here, I was quite scared I would hear from people that would shun me, like they do when I tell them in person. I kept going into tears when I wrote what had happened to him. I don't talk about it much, but I relive what happened and what I saw that day he died, everyday in my head.

Thank you for all your kind words.[/QUOTE]

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