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thank you so much for the insight. and to touch on what all of you have commented on, my gut feeling is to curl up in a ball and hope it will go away, but that is just not going to happen now is it. i have heard that living in a clean environment can cause other problems because your immune system gets "bored" and starts working against itself. my doctor is positive that the shots do not have thermosal and for the shots i have given my son, i do have the batch and tracking/lot # so that is good. i have done a lot of looking into this, i guess i should do more. i have heard that autism is more prevalent in certain geographical locations, or genetic. that no outside source can create autism, that shot reactions in that capacity only mimic autism, but is a totally different neurological problem. i personally know one girl whos son was diagnosed with autism, but just know her from high school and don't have contact with her now to ask questions, but maybe i should get back in touch and at least offer my support.

my son is so bright, about 2 months ahead developmentally. i know every parent thinks that, but when i think that i could possibly rob him of these possible gifts i just want to scream. i hear conflicting info on school policy for immunization, i haven't heard of any polio or mumps outbreaks but i have heard of the meningitis strain gaining force, and that is the shot i am most afraid of. :::sigh::: i dono, but thanks for your opinions.

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