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If you don't mind I'll add my 2 cents worth here.

I don't vaccinate my kids. My daughter was up to date with her shots til she 4 yrs old. I was always you have NO choice but to vaccinate, it is the law! When my son was born he had his shots until he was 2 months old. When I took him into the Dr. for his 2 month check up, they gave me the paper to sign for the shots. I had a horrible gut feeling this was a bad idea, I felt I shouldnt do it. I told my sons Dr...He said "you have to sign that paper and allow the shots, its the law!" I signed that paper unwillingly, It didn't feel right, but I have no choice right?. After my son got hit shots on Monday, he was very cranky the rest of the day, on Tuesday the same thing very cranky very hard to console. But Wednesday he wasn't cranky, he was an angel, but he wouldn't sleep not even in the car, if by chance he did fall asleep which happened several times that day, he jerked him self awake literally with in a minute of falling asleep, he refused to sleep and yet he wasn't cranky at all. The night at 11:00 - 11:30 he was in my arms and and had mentioned several times to my DH that something didn't seem right he wouldnt sleep, so DH knelt down to my son in my arm and said "its ok got to sleep mommy will take care of you". That there make me feel extremely uncomfortable, but I said to my son after a long hesitation "Yes, go to sleep mommy will take care of you". Literally with in a minute of me saying that, he fell asleep in my arms. My Dh said " put him down in his bed and come to bed". I didn't go to bed til after his middle of the night feeding every night since the day he was born. That night I laid him down in his bed, I got ready for bed myself, I stood at the bedroom door for about 5 minute or more, argueing with myself to go to bed and get some sleep. Something just didn't seem right, But I whent against my own gut feeling and when to bed, I feel asleep pretty much instantly. I woke up in the morning to the phone ringing, to this day I couldnt tell you what my friend was saying. Things didn't seem right, I didn't remember getting up in the middle of the night to feed him, I thought maybe my hubby did. But as I looked at the bottle that was sitting next to my bed I noticed that is was the same bottle that I put there the night before. I looked at my son, he was in the same postion as I laid him in the night before, and the blanket was just how I left it. I turned my son over and....he looked like he was beaten, the blood was pooled in his face and hands. They did an autopcy and said it was SIDS and that he died about 1/2 to an hour after I laid him down to sleep.

After that I went off the deep end with depression I lost about 2 years of my life that I can't seem to remember for the life of me. Antidepressant got me stable again. I did alot of research on vaccinations, and decided that I will not sign my own childrens death warrant again. To this day I still feel that if I wouldnt have signed that paper to get my son his shots then my son wouldnt have died, he would have been 10 yrs old Feb 24 this year.

I dont tell people not to vaccinate or to vaccinate. That I think should be the parents decision. I choose not to, but that is my choice. When my daughter was getting the vaccinations she was always sick with something or another. It took a few years after she no longer gets her shots that she is healthier now then when she was younger. Yes she gets a cold now and then but not like when she was younger, she was always sick. My son who is 7 now, has never had any vaccinations, He is health, he rarely gets sick. He gets alot of headaches but that is caused by 1) enlarge adnoids and 2) sinus infection.

Sometimes I think I should vaccinate my kids, b/c it is the ways I was brought up and it is supposed to be done, I don't want to see my kids get sick with poloi ect...b/c I don't vaccinate them. But then I think I dont want to take a chance at them dieing or getting the possible side effects like autism ect..either. My Dh and I debated for a long time about weather to vaccinate or not, and we keep coming up with not vaccinating.

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