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[QUOTE=sailmaven36]What is it about these sites that makes you want to withold vaccination. These sites are run by people of little or no medical expertise who make claims that they do not bother to provide evidence for. Note how many articles they have that have no references to research studies, yet make claims of medical fact. Why do you find these sights more reliable then the CDC, American Pediatric Association, American Neurological Assoc, National Institutes of Health, American Medical Association, State and County Health Departments, your pediatrician and other physicians. Monthly there are new studies showing no link between Autism and Vaccines. Most recently a Danish Study that looked at 467,000 children. Some recieved Pertussis vaccine with thimerosol, some without. No difference in Autism rates could be found. Why does this not sway you. Under what circumstances would you be swayed? I will say that if there was scientific studies confirming a link between vaccines and autism, I would be swayed. What would make you change your mind?[/QUOTE]

[b]How reliable is the CDC when they advise to withold information from the public, information that finds a STRONG link between vaccines and autism (mercury in particular)

You may choose to trust the CDC,

I choose to trust vaccine researchers, neurologists and immunologists who are more than toe deep in actual vaccine knowledge, and not afraid to speak up about their concerns. [/b]

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