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[QUOTE=mom_of_five]I think this is false " Andrew Wakefield, published in the journal Lancet that there is no link."

Do you have a link to Wakefield stating this? From what I have read, he stands by his studies and conclusions, it is however his co-authors who have backpedaled due to fear of blackballing (as they witnessed what happened to Wakefield) and therefore reacanted.[/QUOTE]

Yep - you are correct (and I was wrong). It wasn't Wakefield but one of his co-authors from the original article

Murch S. Separating inflammation from speculation in autism. Lancet 2003;362:1498-9

He still stands by his claim that IBD (or associated GI related diseases) plays a part in causing autism. However, Dr. Murch no longer believes that MMR plays a role in autism.

In reference to malpractice:

Do I recommend MMR for fear of malpractice? NO. I recommend MMR because I believe it is the best thing for the kids (except for kids with immunodeficiency such as SCIDS or AIDS). Giving MMR is still the standard of care and if I were to recommend not getting the MMR (and the child later gets an infection), I am liable.

As for why I might get sued for malpractice if the parent chooses not to vaccinate (and the child gets meningitis from Hemophilus influenza or any other diseases prevented by vaccination). Remember, we live in a very lawsuit-happy society and unfortunately, in a society where a lot of people do not take responsibility for their actions.

If a child gets extremely sick or dies, a lawyer might convince the family to sue. Whether or not their lawsuit is successful (the fact that the parents asked not to be vaccinated is a factor for the jury to decide), I still have to pay for lawyers and also time away from work (for deposition, court, etc). It also has a psychological impact (stress, wondering if I did the right thing, what would happen if I lost the case, etc).

Do I know of a case where this happened? NO (fortunately). But it could happen and i've seen juries award money for more benign things.

Anyway, disclaimer. My posts in this thread for the most part represent my belief. Questions and concerns about vaccination (risk, benefits, etc) should be referred to your physician who knows you, and knows your medical and social history (since everyone is unique). Never trust information posted by anonymous posters on internet boards (so therefore, take what I posted with a grain of salt)

OK ... it's been a long day and I'm tired ... and since I'm responsible for taking this thread on a tangent, I'll probably stop posting in this thread (probably). To the original poster, I do apologize for the tangent.

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