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Hi Sailmaven, yup, you're right. Thought it was you. I do understand your concerns completely. Where I was being rubbed the wrong way was the fact that I don't feel we are told enough to make educated decisions. I do realize that doctors go to school for this, but I feel that some assume that the lay people can't grasp the concepts, nor make educated decisions. I do still think that vaccinations are important, I just feel that the drug companies are saccrificing the well-being of our children, to keep costs down and profits up. It just doesn't seem right.

They have learned so much in the last century and to think that stuff previously "known" to be safe, only to find out it wasn't, is bad enough. But IMO, when they know that something could be and is, toxic, to keep using it because it's the cheapest way to produce it, is wrong. There is so much in life, not just medicine, that could be done for the greater good and is done in such a way that it causes many pain. I've seen many instances of this and that's where I start to show fangs.

I know you only mean to show the importance of this issue, but I also strongly think that at some point, the medical community is going to have to give all sides and trust that we'll make the right decision. Most of the people who posted here are just trying to sort things out, think out loud and hear from others. It's awful to be a parent and know that you are solely responsible for that little person and what you decide may adversely affect their lives or worse. That's why so many of us are so passionate about things. Like I said, I believe that there should be a dual approach to treating peoples health. I believe herbs are a great alternative for keeping healthy, but also feel that there's no fool proof answer to anything in life.

I do understand the reservations of disclosing all the ins and outs, because humans can be odd creatures, but at some time we have to be responsible for our well-being and our children's. Most parents would never deliberately endanger their children, but when you do look at this type of issue, you are scared, and with knowledge...comes more fear!! LOL We just don't like feeling like something is being hidden from us... afterall, why hide it, if it's totally safe??? In terms of safety, it may be very safe, but when facts are hidden, we start to wonder the why of it all. That's what most people are probably upset about. All these years, not only are we lead to believe that it is absolute law, but we're told there is no risk involved with getting them, only to find out's just a tough choice.

I am, however, thrilled to have both of you here. I hope I didn't offend you Sailmaven, I just get growly when I feel like I have to prove myself, just to have an opinion... deep rooted childhood stuff!! LOL That's all on the depression board!! LOL I do appreciate all the views here and think that if we can keep the conversations more along this type of communication we could accomplish sooo many things. This type of feel it's got now is what is truly conducive to learning. When people feel like they are being forced to a certain decision, they turn their backs, quit listening and refuse to listen, no matter how good the info or how smart the person is that's sharing it. The best way to educate people and share your belief is by just what's been done on this thread. It makes people open to all the advice/info/opinions and then they can process it and absorb it over time. Then is when they will make the decision that they feel is best. As I said before, people are stupid creatures at times and will run a hundred miles in another direction, just becuase someone told us it wasn't a good idea.

Any how, turning into a run-on sentence. Glad to see you back. If you're ever up for a spin in the rubber room, hop on the depression board!! LOL Have a good night children................Angel

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