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I think you nailed the central portion to this debate. Many Doctors do not feel they can leave this descision in the hands of parents because they do not feel most parents can understand the argument. And as horrible as it sounds, I agree with them to some extent. I am not saying that we have a society of morons who can not understand simple concepts. What I am saying is that our education system has failed us miserably. Concepts such as "scientific Method", "evidence based Medicine" "Hypothesis" is not taught in Highschool and college. Education is too focused on the "what" and not enough on the "why" and "how". This is why the majority of the population are not able to distinguish between the competing arguments. Too many people are of the opinion that the evidence for and against is equal in quality, and to a scientist that is clearly not true. But how do we convey that without seeming "holier than thou". and without seeming to be intellectual snobs. I know that is how my posts sometimes seem and I do not want them to seem that way. But I cannot look at this issue and see equal opposing arguments. Time and Time again, throughout many different countries (Japan, England, France, Netherlands etc.) Very large well designed epidemiological studies have found no causative link between Vaccinations and neurodevelopmental disorders or other problems such as Diabetes, Asthma or other problems. Yet, still people with little or no scientific background are making wild claims and offering no evidence to anyone to support it. However if you repeat a lie enough, sometimes it becomes true in peoples minds.

Look at something you wrote down Angel

[I]when they know that something could be and is, toxic, to keep using it because it's the cheapest way to produce it, is wrong.[/I]

Who do you mean by "they". Because if you are referring to the scientific community or government health agencies you are incorrect. They believe just the opposite, that these vaccinations are safe and effective. How do they know? By doing large scale studies that are objective, well designed, and most importantly peer reviewed.

Doctors cannot practice on anectdotal evidence. Medicine is evidence based, meaning there has to be some objective investigation supporting the things we do. I would still love to see a well designed peer reviewed study which shows that vaccination is unsafe or causes these terrible problems. But I have not seen it .

Vaccines are not totally safe, any doctor that says so is incorrect. Of course I can't say that this glass of milk in front of me is totally safe, and this is the difference between scientists and politicians. Congressman Dan Burton wants a scientist to tell him that vaccines are 100% safe and the fact that no scientist will say that means in his mind that vaccines are not safe. That underscores the problem. Dan Burton doesn't know enough about scientific enquiry to understand that things can not be 100% proven, and because of this he misinterprets what the scientists are telling him. Vaccines are very safe...extremely safe...however a very small percentage have some type of reaction. An even smaller percentage have a bad reaction. This brings us back to the beginning of the post. WHy Doctors are not better at conveying risks to parents.

I think this is because they are unsure whether the average person can make sense of all the scientific methadology, understand the relative risks and benefits, and then use that information to make a truly informed descision. Unfortunately our schools have not prepared parents for this type of endeavor.

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