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my daughter just got her 4 month shots yesterday at 2pm and i ended up in the ER at midnight with her running a fever of 102.1 :eek: , i dont know if this has anything to do with it but she is only 14 weeks (not quite 4 months) but they said there were 7 weeks since her last so it was fine...and the fever was really the only thing that happened last night and they didnt keep her just gave some motrin and sent us home at 3am...what do you guys think? was this a SERIOUS reaction, or just a fever that got a little higher than most post immunization fevers? the doc didnt seem to concerned, but i just wondered what everyone else thought.
Thinking of you this morning and hoping that by the time you read this your daughter's fever is down.
I, too have read that these are common mild side effects to vaccines. I know that probably doesn't make it much easier.
And the list of more serious side effects is good to keep a mental list of...I believe everyone touched on them but to reiterate: listlessness, high-pitched or inconsolable crying, higher fever.
I'm not sure what your state recommends at the 4 month check-up. In mine they do DTaP and Hib at that visit. You may consider breaking this up at the 6 month DTaP at 6months and Hib at 7 months. I have heard that to do vaccines together eases mom and baby because of frequency and number of shots but if it helps you isolate the more problematic vaccine or reduce even mild side effects by giving baby's system less to deal with at a given time it's worth thinking about. Be well.

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