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Re: Disclosure
Feb 6, 2004
I use more attitude than explanation. It seems to leave the least amount of room for argument or degredation. If people ask I tell them, "Alex had his firt round of immunizations and after reading what they gave me, researching it and the mommy sense, I felt it was in his best interest to wait until he's two to vaccinate." Most will try to say I'm dumb or what-not, but I simply state that to vaccinate without question is worse than making a decision after learning all aspects of it then make a decision. Every once in awhile they will throw laws at me only to find that in Utah, there are no laws against it. It is perpetuated by uninformed people, well-meaning people and people who choose to put out mis-information.
If they persist that my son puts theirs at risk, I ask why they're afraid, after all, isn't the vaccine supposed to prevent that??? Most clam up. My son is not a risk to anyone. The vaccines aren't 100%, just like anything else in life. I also will tell them that it's not because I'm lazy and uninformed, it's because I edcuated myself, talked with his ped, and went with my heart.
Another approach is...If people knew what was in them, they'd think twice too. Usually that gives them enough doubt to stop questioning me and start questioning what do they really know about them. I don't care as much for this because I don't like to scare people, but I also don't like being told what to do or that I'm a bad mom for choosing a different approach to this. If they still have comment I welcome their opinion after they do their own research.
But mostly realize that people are like lemmings, they do what they're taught to believe and don't question it until truly given reason...and even then, some don't. I believe some don't educate themselves out of fear of what they will find.
I make no appologies for my choice, but admit that yes, I do doubt my choice at times. It's not because I doubt the information, but as with all moms, you wonder if you make the right choices when it comes down to it....that goes for everything. Did I give them the right foods, read the right books, take the right things while pregnant, typical mommy worries. That's what makes us good mommies. We worry and try to do what's best, and then we still worry.

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