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I don't know about the percentages, but my son was initially enrolled in a study for combining vaccines to lessen amounts of shots given. They told me that at the end of the series they would draw blood and see if he had the titers for immunity, so I know it can be done. I also know that we don't keep that immunity forever. From what I was told at the hospital, when I had my second, they tested my blood and found that I had no immunity to MMR, so with out asking, they poked me in the back of my arm and gave me the shot.

So, anything's possible. I also re-read some of your other posts and am fairly convinced that you're leaning against the vaccines, but like many of us, you are afraid of challenging the norm or the reprecussions of it. I too struggle with it and my son's two years old.

I think that's part of being a mom. When we're given a choice that could cause something as horrible as lifelong damage or death, it doesn't matter what choice we make, because if something happens, we'll always blame ourselves anyway. If I didn't vaccinate and he got something, I'd want to die and if I vaccinated when my gut reaction told me not to and something happened, same result. It's just going to be a struggle either way.

Is your pediatrician open minded? If so, talk to them and ask all the questions you want to. Realize that the majority of them will never recommend against it because if they did, they could be held liable. Many people fail to realize that they are human too and have their own opinions. The problem is that because they are a doctor, they are expected to be right and therefore have a huge weight on their shoulders. Just see if they will give you an open dialogue on all of it and then allow you to make your choice from there. If you wait a few weeks while you're soul searching it won't hurt anything.

Good luck on it, I don't envy your position at all...I was there not too long ago and had more sleepless nights than I care to remember.

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