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well as some of you may remember, i ended up in the emergency room after autumns 4 mo. shots...and in just 2 weeks i will be going for the 6 mo. shots and quite frankly i am a nervous wreck.

i am so sick of reading all the "bad" about i know the saying "ignorance is bliss" is really true.

it bothers me so much when the nurse comes in and i can smell the alcohol and then the stick that needle in my little babys leg and then the next shot then the last....ICK and she crys and i feel like a terrible mother...then i read all the crap about whats really in the shots and then i feel even worse.
just re reading this is making me cry...i dont know that i can do this again...then again at 8 mo. and so on....

i am in an early intervention program and a lady was just telling me that her son caught the whooping cough at only 2 weeks old and nearly died, and how she encorages everyone to vaccinate their children...and then i remember why i vaccinate my child, but it is incredibly hard to do this every 2 months..i would rather go through the pain on giving birth monthly than have to see my poor little girl go through this constantly. :(

any words of encoragment would be greatly appreciated....can anyone remind me why i am doing this again?

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