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Maybe I'm confused, but the take I got on your initial post was your concern about vaccinating because of the last reaction. Also, when you describe the smell of the alcohol and the way your baby cries, you don't sound like you're thrilled about doing it. As for your gut reaction, I took it to mean it was warning you against it...I think that's how many others here took it.

As far as the nurses, of course they care about you and your child or they wouldn't be in that profession. We are not saying they don't care, we are urging you to go with your gut, if it tells you to vaccinate, then by all means, go ahead. But if it's warning you against, maybe you should listen. I'm not trying to pass judgement or convince anyone not to vaccinate. It's a personal choice and that's what it should be.

I would like, if you don't mind, for clarification on your original post. It did not sound to me like you were talking about a gut reaction to do it, everything in your post screamed that you're unsure and leaning towards the other side. I don't think I'm the only one who took it that way. I don't think it's a big money scam but I do know there is financial incentives along with honestly good intentions. All we are saying is that no one should blindly follow anything, especially when it comes to their child. That's why you're always told by the pediatrician to bring them in for this or that and then it's almost always followed up by, "Or if you just feel something isn't right, bring them in." They say that because they know about mommy's intuition and many times we're on target.

Please re-read your post and then explain to me what was meant by it. No one was trying to go against you, I think they just got the same impression I did.

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