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Are we going to lose an entire new generation to mutanagenic voodoo vaccinations like HEPATITIS B?

Is there a link to HIV? Are our babies in the window stages? The HEP B vaccine was given to high risk people in many countries in the early 80s those who had TB. Guess what populations have HIV now the same countries. Population control or economic gain take your choice? I just learned on CNN on the read line that over 70,000 HIV and Hepatitis tests were incorrect.

Elisa is an enzyme test done on all to be tested for HIV blood twice if positive guess what also makes it positive antibodies to Hepatitis B. Coincidence?

Do all our children have antibodies to Hepatitis B and are they now suceptable to getting HIV are they in the window stage?

Why do they give it so early on they say they have no immune system in place to make proper antibodies at this early age before one, is that not true. That is why so many shots are given because there is no lasting immunity.

Are the vaccine companies trying to prove that their hep b shot didnt cause hiv and are using our babies to disprove it based on the falseness of babies before the age of one cannot produce their own antibodies but adults can and suffer more? The Hep B immunization is like genocide it has interferon which suppresses bone marrow which are stem cells and causes psychochemistry to malfunction and cause depression among other things and there has always been the suspicion of the aids/hiv link.

If it is contraidicated (shoul not be used)for moms impregnated then what is the deal with giving it to our newborns is that a mistake or major mistake?

These babies can't complain because they have no voice. We, as parents, need to be their voice before they are born and stuck with needless needles of voodoo vaccination.

Had I had the internet before she was born and known she had to be given hep b vaccine because it was manditory I would have demanded it not be given. :eek:

I am not going to play baby/child/human guinea pig roulette.

Can anyone answer or correct me with new information?

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