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The next set of guinea pigs oh no.

There is a new vax called Pediarix started at 2monthsinitial, 4 months next, 6 months next. It contains not one not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 immunizations in one. They are Diptheria Tetnus Toxiod Persustis Hepatitis B and Polio. Did they do this for the babies to get less multiple needle stix; or simply because they didn't want to pin point the possible causal effect of any particular vaccine to autism or seizures; or the cost of manufacturing so many vaccines.

PLEASE have them do a Hep B screening on you before you give birth like way before because if you prove negative to it your baby does not have to be subjected to the needless Hep B vaccine. according to the Jama article. The wording had to be corrected because it was misleading and needed to be clarifyied. If you don't demand a Hep B screening you have subjected your baby to a mandatory Hep B vaccine at birth because the mother's status is said to be unknown there fore treated as if she has Hep B there fore a high risk. Don't let them do anything without reading the fine print even if you are in labor while you are being forced to sign documents or whether you are pre registering in the hospital.

On one positive note I did read that back a year ago children were not being affected by sars in Asia it was said because of they had immunization which one is not known my guess is diptheria it is back in Russia and Mexico it had dissapeared for almost 80 years but it is back maybe it was started from a bad batch of vaccines. check out the symptoms on e medicine.

Make sure your nannies are vaccinated with a booster every ten years they say sepecially if they have familly that travel to foreign lands for holidays or periodically.

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